As the best-in-class tool for disruption analysis and network comparisons for health plans, dental plans, PPO networks and benefits consultants, TrueDisruption™ delivers traditional disruption analysis with the ability to also see how competitor's disruptions will look.

Disruption Analysis

When it comes to traditional disruption analysis, be sure to use TrueDisruption for the best possible matching available in the industry today. Take disruption analysis to the next level by verifying the providers in the claims data actually exist in the incumbent’s own directory. This exclusive ability allows you to highlight your strengths instead of underscoring your weaknesses.

Top Disrupted Providers

Go beyond basic disruption analysis and highlight providers with claims that are out-of-network for the incumbent, but are in-network for you. By identifying the most utilized providers using a variety of metrics (claims, claims dollars, # of visits), you get the chance to recruit those providers to minimize the disruption for potential clients.


Use the concept of disruption to your advantage when it comes to protecting your existing business. TrueDisruption lets you show clients which provider relationships will be disrupted if they were to change to a competitor network.