Health Tech: Provider Nexus API and Market360 Data

Get Plugged Into the Good Data

Integrate health plan-tagged provider data into online applications.

Provider Nexus API

The Healthcare IT community has an ever-growing appetite for provider data, but has always struggled to find an objective and reliable source for network-tagged provider data. With Provider Nexus API, our clients now have a set of APIs that allow their developers to access competitive network data and integrate it within their own innovative applications. This solution gives healthcare IT companies the ability to integrate provider-centric solutions into their own applications, without the burden of storing the data or managing data updates.

Core Provider Nexus API functionality includes:

  • Healthcare provider search by zip code, name or geographic coordinates (for mobile apps) and filter by specialty group or health plan affiliation.
  • Creation and storage of user-specific lists of healthcare providers.
  • Integrated messaging to reach out to users, share provider lists and rate providers.
  • Complete data hosting including client data to be included in a client-specific database.

Market360 Data

For tech companies and exchanges that have the infrastructure and resources to host their own provider search and other healthcare solutions, Strenuus provides an "out-of-the-box" dataset that covers the vast majority of national and regional plans.

Market360 represents a snapshot of key market players in every service area in the US. A product of Strenuus' network competitive intelligence services, it includes commercial medical and dental networks nationwide. The underlying data is updated on a quarterly basis, and the list of plans included is reviewed with each update.

Market360 data includes:

  • Most commercial medical and dental networks across the US.
  • Accurate provider individualization powered by deep learning ActiveMatch technology.
  • Integrated location data.
  • Additional data integration and verification from select partners.