Health Plans

Network360®: Data Analytics for PPOs, HMOs, and other Managed Care Organizations

Analyze competitor provider network data, respond to RFPs, run disruptions.

Competitive analysis for healthcare networks is easy with Network360® from Strenuus®. We combine the largest collection of network healthcare data in the US with our industry leading tools to provide critical information across your entire organization.

Network360 can help you beat your competition, win new business, and streamline workloads in all departments that are in charge of winning new business or setting the strategic direction of your enterprise.

Medicare & Medicaid

Comprehensive view of provider and plan benefit data.

With more seniors than ever making the shift to Medicare Advantage plans and more states converting to managed Medicaid plans, Medicare and Medicaid programs are continuing to grow and are becoming a bigger part of your company’s bottom line. Today, our clients are using Strenuus® data and analysis tools to make sure they have the best Medicare and Medicaid products available for their clients.


Detailed dental network comparison & analysis.

As more and more employers take closer look at their dental benefit options, it’s critical for dental plans and networks to take advantage of whatever competitive edge they can get when it comes to their provider networks. Understanding how your provider network matches up with your competitors as well as with the overall market of providers is a key component to being successful.

With Network360® from Strenuus®, competitive analysis of dental networks is easier than ever. We combine the largest collection of dental network data in the US with our industry-leading tools to provide critical information across your entire organization.


Research networks for overlaps and disruptions. Network360® delivers the provider network analysis health plans need to maintain a strong network and ensure success in competitive situations.

At its core, Network360 is ready access to information you need to support your competitive intelligence efforts. The competitive data is cleaned, standardized and matched against your own provider data.

From there, you have the power to create a wide range of reports that deliver invaluable information, including:

Network Overlap

Get detailed analysis of the differences between two networks, including maps, counts by provider type and detailed overlap statistics by provider type, specialty and geography.

Network Volatility

Gain the edge with your competitive intelligence efforts by monitoring your competitors’ provider network activity over time. You can see which providers have been added and dropped and also track which geographies and specialties your competitors are focusing on for network expansion or contraction.

Market Analysis

Compare your networks and your competitors' networks to the market of all physicians and hospitals currently contracting with any network in an area. You can also highlight market penetration by provider type, specialty group and geography.

Provider Lists

Generate lists of highly qualified candidates for recruitment that highlight overlap and exclusivity against a specific network by provider type, specialty and geography. You can also identify which providers your competitors have added and dropped since your last data update and use that to your competitive advantage.

The data is just data. Network360 gives you the flexibility and speed to analyze it the way you think is best. Sound advice strengthens client relationships and with Network360 you can make your recommendations with confidence.

Competitive Access

Now for the first time, you are able to see what your competitor's RFP response will look like, thanks to the NEW Competitive Access analysis tool in Network360. Flexible criteria selections, combined with Total Market Data, allows you to play countless "what-if" scenarios that can show you the maximum accessibility standard for ANY network.


The best-in-class tool for disruption analysis and network comparisons for health plans, dental plans, PPO networks and benefits consultants, TrueDisruption™ delivers traditional disruption analysis with the ability to also see how competitor's disruptions will look. Learn more...

Provider Verification

Network360’s integrated provider verification functionality gives you quick access to rich, actionable provider information with data embedded directly into the system. Learn more...

Sales and RFPs for Key Accounts

For our Enterprise customers that are on the forefront of sales & marketing methodologies, there is no better tool than Network360®. From access standards and disruption, to clickable maps that can generate a target list of providers, Network360 allows your enterprise to:

  • Showcase your network’s size and access standards compared to the actual competitor data and compared to the whole market.
  • Analyze claims to identify areas where your provider network is weakest relative to the competition so you can task your network development team to recruit months ahead of the RFP.
  • Show which of your networks offer the least disruption for prospective employer clients that are considering a change to the competitor.

Marketing and Sales Intelligence for Health Plans

Sales & Marketing organizations use Network360® to be able to highlight their network’s strengths to both existing and potential clients. With Network360, Sales & Marketing has an easy way to share reliable network statistics with prospects and clients, including the ability to:

  • Showcase your network’s size compared to your competitors.
  • Identify areas where your provider network is strongest relative to the competition so you can focus your sales and marketing efforts on employer groups in those counties and MSAs.
  • Objectively show which of your networks offer the least disruption for prospective employer clients that are considering a change from a competitor.

Network Development for Health Plans & PPOs

Today, many Network360® users work in some kind of provider network development capacity. With Network360, your Network Management department can:

  • Objectively state how big your overall network is compared to competitors.
  • Identify any geographic areas or specialty groups where your PPO, HMO and POS networks are especially weak compared to competitors.
  • Reveal which doctors, dentists and hospitals your competitors have that you don’t.
  • Highlight the providers that have been added and dropped from your competitors’ networks over the past 3 months and leverage that information to get even more competitive intelligence from the provider community.
  • Measure your network’s share of the available networks in your entire market.

Executive Dashboard

With most of the company focusing on the current state of affairs, it’s the responsibility of the Competitive Intelligence department to keep an eye on the future direction of key markets. Network360® makes it easier than ever to stay on top of the latest developments in your competitor networks, including:

  • Monitoring which competitors are seeing the greatest overall growth or reduction in their networks.
  • Identifying the geographic areas with the largest increases in competitor network growth.
  • Knowing what percentage of the total number of contracting providers in the market you and your competitors have in your respective networks by provider type, specialty and geography.

Network360 delivers all of this information and so much more with its wide range of customizable reports and downloadable datasets.

Network Rankings and Employee Surveys

A well-documented challenge with disruption analysis is that it measures disruption for existing provider relationships – not necessarily the providers you want. The nature of managed care is that we are often forced to use providers that are not our ‘first choice’ simply because that provider isn’t in-network. The new Rank Networks tool with built-in Employee Surveys in Network360 is a powerful, yet simple tool to address this need.

Rank Networks can be a tremendous tool for both your sales and account management teams. It also gives you the power to run customized disruption analyses for groups of all sizes, not just the large self-funded ones.

  • Meeting one-on-one with a benefits manager or business owner, you can use the Rank Networks feature in Network360 to create a list of the providers who are important to the key decision makers. These can be physicians, hospitals, medical groups, or other types of providers.
  • Send employer-specific survey links to allow client’s employees to anonymously identify the providers that are important to them.
  • Rank the networks in that market based on the number of key providers that are in-network. The salesperson or broker can easily suppress those networks that they don't represent.
  • Get disruption analysis reports for groups of all sizes faster and easier than submitting requests to health plans.
  • You can also quickly and easily generate an email that can be sent to your group’s Benefits Administrator who can then forward it to all employees. This allows the employees themselves to identify the providers that are important to them as well and feel like they are part of the decision-making process. The network ranking can now show the best networks not just for decision-makers, but all the employees as well.

Rank Networks feature doesn't require claim analysis so it's a tool that can work for small groups and large groups equally well. For most health plans, disruption analysis is a luxury reserved only for larger employer groups. Rank Networks gives salespeople and brokers a new tool for addressing this important need for small employers.