Network360® for Dental Networks

Detailed dental network comparison & analysis.

Competitive analysis of dental networks is easy with Network360 from Strenuus®. We combine the largest collection of dental network data in the US with our industry leading tools to provide critical information across your entire organization.

Network360 can help you beat your competition, win new business, and streamline workloads in all departments that are in charge of winning new business or setting the strategic direction of your enterprise.

Network360 delivers the provider network analysis dental plans need to build and maintain a strong network and ensure success in competitive situations.

At its core, Network360 is ready access to information you need to support your competitive network intelligence efforts. The competitive provider data is cleaned, standardized, and matched against your own provider data, using our proprietary dynamic matching algorithm ActiveMatch.

Network360 Reports

From there, you have the power to create a wide range of reports that deliver invaluable information, including:

Network Overlap

This detailed network overlap analysis makes it easy to understand the differences between two or more networks with total, exclusive, and overlapping provider counts for your comparison networks. Dive in to the details with overlap by provider type for a more in-depth analysis.

Network Volatility

Gain the edge in your competitive intelligence efforts by monitoring your competitors’ provider network activity over time. See the providers that have been added and dropped from you competitors’ networks. Track the geographies where your competitors are strengthening their networks by adding providers, focusing their efforts on network expansion in new areas, and where your competitors are contracting their networks.

Market Analysis

Measure the strength of networks by comparing networks to the market of all dental providers currently contracting with any network in an area. Highlight market penetration by provider type, specialty group, and geography.

Provider Lists

Generate lists of highly qualified candidates for recruitment that highlight overlap and exclusivity against a specific network by provider type, specialty, and geography. Identify the providers your competitors have added and dropped since your last data update and use that to your competitive advantage.

Network Rankings and Employee Surveys

The Network360 network ranking functionality provides an innovative, alternative approach to traditional disruption analysis. The premise of disruption analysis is that the claims history for an employer group is matched against a provider list for a new network, measuring the currently utilized providers that would be “in” or “out” with the new network.

Rank Networks allows you to:

  • Search for the most important providers

    Users can find preferred providers first, and then select plan options that enable them to see these providers; not the other way around.

  • View the best-fit networks
  • Identify the providers that are not participating in a network
  • Survey plan participants

    Rank Networks supports the ability to survey employees in the plan selection process. For supporting coverage for employer groups, this empowers employees to help select the 'best match' plan.

    • Quickly generates an anonymous, employer-specific link that can be included in an email survey.
    • Allow employees to 'vote' for the providers most important to them. The survey link will not display the plans that are being considered.
    • Allows you to view aggregated results across all survey responses.
    • Providers that are selected by multiple employees are weighted higher.


The best-in-class tool for disruption analysis and network comparisons for dental plans. TrueDisruption delivers traditional disruption analysis with the ability to also see how competitors’ disruptions will look. Learn more...

Provider Verification

Network360’s integrated provider verification functionality gives you quick access to rich, actionable provider information with data embedded directly into the system. Learn more...

Competitive Access

Now, for the first time, you are able to see what your competitor's RFP response will look like, thanks to the NEW Competitive Access analysis tool in Network360. This integrated accessibility analysis utilizes a flexible approach to defining accessibility specifications and standards, allowing you to use standards that fit your needs and are appropriate for the market. This flexible criteria selection, combined with total market data, allows you to play countless "what-if" scenarios that can show you the maximum accessibility for ANY network.

The data is just data. Network360 gives you the flexibility and speed to analyze the data in a way that best suits your needs, giving you actionable information and insights. Sound advice strengthens client relationships and with Network360 you can make your recommendations with confidence.

Who uses Network360?

Sales and RFPs for Key Accounts

For our enterprise customers on the forefront of sales and marketing methodologies, there is no better tool than Network360. From easy to create reports, to clickable maps that can generate a target list of providers, Network360 allows your enterprise to:

  • Showcase your network’s size compared to the actual competitor data and compared to the whole market.
  • Show which of your networks offer the least disruption for prospective employer clients that are considering a change to the competitor.

Marketing and Sales Intelligence for Dental Plans

Sales and marketing organizations use Network360 to highlight their network’s strengths to both existing and potential clients. With Network360, sales and marketing has an easy way to share reliable network statistics with prospects and clients, including the ability to:

  • Showcase your network’s size compared to your competitors.
  • Identify areas where your provider network is strongest relative to the competition, so you may focus your sales and marketing efforts on employer groups in those counties and MSAs.
  • Objectively show which of your networks offer the least disruption for prospective employer clients that are considering a change from a competitor.

Network Development for Dental Plans

Today, many Network360 users work in some kind of provider network development capacity. With Network360, your network management department can:

  • Objectively state how big your overall network is compared to competitors.
  • Identify geographic areas or specialty groups where your dental networks are especially weak compared to competitors.
  • Reveal the dentists your competitors have that you don’t.
  • Highlight the providers that have been added and dropped from your competitors’ networks over the past three months and leverage that information to get even more competitive intelligence from the provider community.
  • Measure your network’s share of the available contracting dental providers in your entire market.

Executive Dashboard for Competitive Intelligence

With most of the company focusing on the current state of affairs, it’s the responsibility of the Competitive Intelligence department to keep an eye on the future direction of key markets. Network360 makes it easier than ever to stay on top of the latest developments in your competitor networks:

  • Monitor your competitors with the greatest overall growth or reduction in their networks.
  • Identify the geographic areas with the largest increases in competitor network growth.
  • Know the percentage of the total number of contracting providers in the market you and your competitors have in your respective networks by provider type, specialty, and geography.

Network360 delivers all of this information and so much more with its wide range of customizable reports and downloadable datasets.

How do we do this?

Quality Data

Strenuus maintains the only comprehensive national database of network-tagged providers, with data from over 400 payors and thousands of networks in all 50 states. This database is used as a baseline for comparing and validating data, ensuring you receive a reliable dataset.

Multi-Step Data Processing

Strenuus ensures data consistency through a multi-step process that includes parsing and standardizing provider data elements.

Individual Name Standardization

Each data source is flagged with a name pattern 'hint' that allows us to accurately parse names into their component parts, enabling us to reconstruct the name and compare it to the raw data.

Facility Name Standardization

Identifiable abbreviations, punctuation, and case disparities are removed, ensuring that subtle differences between facility names (ie, 'Saint Francis Med Ctr' and 'St. Francis Medical Center') can be accurately identified.

Address Standardization

Addresses are converted to US Postal Service standards, verified, and geocodes are assigned from the most up-to-date GIS databases.


Raw data is translated and standardized to a master specialty list to eliminate inconsistencies in how a specialty may be represented. This helps to eliminate differences such as ‘ENT’ and ‘Otorhinolaryngology’. Additionally, we map the standard specialties to specialty groups, because payors may store information about a provider differently.

ActiveMatch, our proprietary dynamic matching algorithm, is designed to fit each client's unique needs. Developed and refined over ten years, ActiveMatch allows for intelligent and fuzzy comparisons to ensure high confidence matches by:

  • Variations or misspellings in provider or facility names
  • Nicknames, abbreviations
  • Multiple practice locations
  • Differences in the presentation of specialties and addresses
  • Accurate identification of providers at multiple locations

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