Benefits Consultants

Network360 ®: Provider Data for Benefits Consultants

Access markets, respond to RFPs, rank networks.

Determine with confidence which networks are the best-fit for your clients.

Competitive analysis for healthcare networks is easy with Network360® from Strenuus®. We combine the largest collection of healthcare provider network data in the US with our industry leading tools to provide critical information for your clients.

Network360 is tailored to give your agents an advantage when talking to their business clients. We have the health plan provider data you need to make instant, informed decisions. Determine with confidence which networks contain your clients’ most important providers. Brokers can finally get the provider network information they need on their own terms.

Search for providers and view their profiles, rank networks based on included providers, create lists of providers, and compare network counts and overlap. . Network360® delivers information about provider networks benefits consulatants need to offer clients the best-fit network.

At its core, Network360 is ready access to the healthcare provider information you need to support your business. Provider network data is cleaned, standardized and matched through our ActiveMatch technology for easy comparisons across multiple provider networks

From there, you have the power to create a wide range of reports that deliver invaluable information, including:

Assess Markets

Analyze networks being considered by comparing all physicians and hospitals currently being contracted, network size, overlap, and exclusive providers between networks, so you may find the best fit for your client. Determine with confidence which networks contain your clients’ most important doctors, hospitals, and dentists.

Look Up a Provider

Look up provider participation status across multiple networks at once. Stop wasting valuable time laboring from website to website. We give you instant search results for the doctors, hospitals, and dentists in your market. What used to be measured in hours can now be accomplished in just minutes with Network360.

Create a Directory

Create a list of providers by specialty for your clients within a specific radius and network.

Rank Networks

The Network360 network ranking functionality provides an innovative, alternative approach to traditional disruption analysis. The premise of disruption analysis is that the claims history for an employer group is matched against a provider list for a new network, measuring the currently utilized providers that would be “in” or “out” with the new network.

Rank Networks allows you to:

  • Search for the most important providers

    Users can find preferred providers first, and then select plan options that enable them to see these providers; not the other way around.

  • View the best-fit networks
  • Identify the providers that are not participating in a network
  • Survey plan participants

    Rank Networks supports the ability to survey employees in the plan selection process. For supporting coverage for employer groups, this empowers employees to help select the ‘best match’ plan.

    • Quickly generates an anonymous, employer-specific link that can be included in an email survey.
    • Allow employees to ‘vote’ for the providers most important to them. The survey link will not display the plans that are being considered.
    • Allows you to view aggregated results across all survey responses.
    • Providers that are selected by multiple employees are weighted higher.